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Sabtu, 2008 Mei 31

Gadis SMU

Ya susah banget cari memek gadis smu, mungkin karena dia ini masih malu-malu jadi untuk mendapatkan gambar memek gadis smu sangat susah. Tapi sebenarnya gadis smu juga banyak yang bispak lho. Dan enaknya selangit memek gadis smu itu, ... Di Jakarta dia tinggal bersama adik perempuannya yang masih di bangku SMU. Hampir satu jam kami ngobrol. Dalam saat obrolan itu, aku memberikan kartu namaku lengkap dengan nomor teleponnya. Cowok itu namanya Ronald, badannya tegap ...

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Toket gadis smu biarpun tidak terlalu besar, tapi kenyal banget. Jadi kalau di remas masih keras. Beda dengan toket gadis dewasa yang sudah sering ngentot, pasti agak kendur. Makanya kalau kamu cari toket carilah toket gadis smu, ...

Jumat, 2008 Mei 30

Cewek Jepang

Cerita 17Tahun kali ini memberikan kepada para pecinta cerita 17tahun kisah tentang seorang pemuda yang memiliki pengalaman bercinta dengan cewek jepang. Kisah ini terjadi beberapa bulan silam, saat kapal tempatku bekerja merapat di ...

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Cewek cantik yang mulus, cewek jepang pekerja kantoran lagi berpose seksi sebelum menanggalkan pakaiannya atau bugil alias telanjang. cewek cewek jepang emang banyak sekali yang menganut free sex. sehingga bukan suatu ke tabuan jika ... Ngomongin cewek yang berwajah oriental tapi tubuhnya mulus, manalagi kala bukan gadis jepang. Mantab banget deh lekuk panas tubuhnya. Sudah mulus, putih, seksi, desahannya itu lo khas banget khan..

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Sebuah sekolah menengah umum khusus cewek yang sangat terkenal dan menjadi favorit, The Hisatagakuen Sasebo Girls' High School, berlokasi di Jepang Selatan, baru-baru ini menetapkan prasyarat yang unik untuk calon pelamar.

Kamis, 2008 Mei 29

Gadis Jepang

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Mau lihat gambar memek gadis jepang yang cakep seperti gambar di samping ini? Cewek jepang body semlohe, kulit mulus bersih apalagi memknya,.... mulus dan masih rapet... bayangkan aja memeknya berwarna merah muda, tidak ditumbuhi jembut ...

Minggu, 2008 Mei 25

Fond of skin complexion sublimateur

Lighter, easier to apply, the foundation provides on all fronts by the velvety skin and protecting aging. An asset shock to camouflage its small flaws.

-- Traits learned, mine papier mache?
To improve the situation, just a scholarly alchemy of powders, oils and pigments reflectors of light (coated with silicone, high ...), in other words a foundation! Increasingly sophisticated formulations unify and beautify ingredients through contractors. Namely, a lot of agents matifiants, moisturizers and antioxidants. Some compounds that protect the skin from drying out or luisances excessive, but also aging.

The funds skins protect and external attacks using solar filters and complex pollution (based on plant extracts, vitamins and minerals) which limit the oxidation reactions destroying the hydrolipidic film. All in textures ultra-fine or onctueuses, to make every day a radiant complexion.

health and beauty advice on a daily basis

Each day, our body is attacked by pollution, the sun but also by calcaire of water, sweat, stress, abuse of all kinds such as tobacco, alcohol and meals made at the hastily !

To be well in its skin so it is important to take control by adopting a healthy lifestyle package!

A balanced diet, regular sporting activity and sleep are the basic ingredients of a life in full form!

But sometimes, all these efforts on a daily basis are not enough! And the more we advance in age, and the body needs small attentions!

It's time "to assist nature" and for this, nothing like a little boost cosmetics! If all proposals by major laboratories are not necessarily to be followed to the letter, a few well-targeted products and applied regularly can help greatly to protect themselves from the ravages of time!

Female-male invites you to discover throughout its pages, tips and tricks so that you are each day to the best of your form and your beauty. Each category comes the feminine and masculine so that every response is the most appropriate possible to your questions.

Hair care now, color later

To ensure that the UV light hair, chlorine and salt water to survive intact, just before a summer holiday no longer bright strands: The Blondieren would stressen now so that after the summer still stressed. In addition, the sun brightens the hair automatically easily, and the natural effect looks most beautiful anyway.

Even with a Colorations worth it until after the summer to wait - the fresh color bleaches else so quickly that you only briefly about it. More importantly, now in a good care to ensure the hair fit for the summer: Enter after each one to your clothes matching hair conditioner on and try to refrain dryer and hair as often as possible to Air dry it.

Soft feet, shiny nails

You have your feet in winter a bit neglected? Then they now need a Power care, the rapid successes.

1st For the skin: Is it very dry, a day cream with a special high urea content (such as moisture cream for foot and nail "by Scholl) or cornea reducing salicylic acid (such as" corneal Reduziercreme "Allgäuer Latschen jaw) einmassieren. Did you work on something more time, a rich mask with gentian and rosemary (for example, "Wohlig & hot foot mask" of Allgäuer Latschen jaw) apply in Baumwollsöckchen slip and let it overnight. Those who are in a hurry, quickly takes care einziehenden foam, the film leaves no fat (such as "Sensitive foam cream for the heels" of Allpresan). And forward Jogger interior protect their toes against imminent pressure points with small cushions (such as "pressure points extra soft patch" of Scholl).

2nd For the nails: New care products (such as "3 in 1 Instant Nail" by Scholl) make it possible, yellow Stich, small cracks and bumps even be removed. Add to this the surface with the attached file (easy!) Aufrauen, then the gel (with Panthenol and Urea) and then apply a aufhellenden gloss varnish aufpinseln. For very thin nails, however, prefer to finger them - and only one better care paint with minerals (such as Nivea). Only if the nails are more stable again, even a colored paint.

Tight arms for summer clothes

Free shoulder tops or delicate spaghetti-makers nice to see defined upper arms just right fantastic. To a little nachzuhelfen, at first Durchhängern firming creams with silicon (such as "Body Resculpt Lift" by Biotherm) or caffeine and Ginko good (such as olive oil Straffender body balm "of Medipharma Cosmetics). At best, they of course together with a mini-workout that you simply just two Einliter-filled water bottles.

1st For the upper back: Go to the failure step, the front knee bends slightly, the rear heel touches the ground. The upper body tilt forward so that the rear leg with a line. Anspannen abdomen. Lift with one hand a water bottle close to the hip - the elbow angle is easy. Now only the forearm just slowly stretch back to the same pace back to the hip. 20 times and page changes.

2nd For the upper front: Make yourself a little further than hüftbreit out the knees are slightly bent. Now both water bottles in their hands, the backs of the hands point to the outside, the upper arms are close to the body. The arms slowly toward shoulder and lower back until they have a right angles to the upper arms. 20 times. A brief pause and a total of three passes.

Quite forward with smooth legs

Compared to other Europeans enthaaren we most often in the summer, averaging just three per week. As the women prefer to remove hairs - that is a matter of taste. In addition to the proven classics, there are now new methods. For the legs are wax or Depilation ideal, so you have about three weeks rest: New is an epilator with three rollers, which is not only forward, but also from side to side, and so at first catch all the hairs - regardless of the growth direction. The Enthaaren is somewhat unpleasant, but also much faster.

For beginners are Epiliergeräte better, the hot water is applied, such as the showers: Is the horny layer aufgeweicht and open the pores, the hair can be easily removed. Before a drop of shower gel in the tweezers, so are the hairs on (both from Panasonic, for example). Anyone who might still soft, wet shaver is integrated with skin conditioners from milk and honey (such as "Intuition Plus Natural Care" by Wilkinson Sword): You donate the shaving moisture and preventing irritation.

For the bikini zone Enthaarungscremes are good, the hairs disappear completely pain (for example, by Alessandro). In order to examine the compatibility, previously a small place and try it! If you want Intimzone themselves, it can do with special templates: easy to stop, the man wants to give form and surrounding remove hairs. Are there in six variants, including heart motif ( "Bikinelle" by District Two, about "www.district-two.com).

Practically for the legs are creams, during the Duschens collect and then scrub with a sponge-removed (for example, Veet). For the armpits, there are special Deos (such as "double effect" of Nivea), with an extra portion of care such as avocado extract a longer time to ensure smooth armpits. The trick: The rich care are the softer hairs so that they easily succumb to the blade and shaving, whether wet or dry thoroughly.